Carolee Schneeman – Aggression for Couples (1972)

Carolee Schneeman - Aggression for Couples 1972

Aggression for Couples (Detail) by Carolee Schneeman, 1972, Gelatin silver print with hand-coloring and collage

A lesser documented performance by Carolee Schneeman called A Handbook of Physical Aggression for Couples (1971-72), made in collaboration with her partner of the time Anthony McCall, explores the negative side of domestic co-habitation via a therapeutic approach. Expressed in a photographic series of collage gelatin silver prints, presented in book form, Schneeman demonstrated physical interactions between a couple that could release and heal feelings of repression.

an integral, vital love relationship can accommodate expressions of anger, boredom, hysteria, sexual tension, repressed aggressivity, irritability, nagging, hopelessness, and depression.

– Carolee Schneeman
Source: Renegotiating the Body: Feminist Art in 1970s London, 2012, Kathy Battista. pg 112
Image by Carolee Schneeman

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Rineke Dijkstra – Julie (1994)

Julie, Den Haag, Netherlands, February 29 1994 1994 Rineke Dijkstra born 1959 Purchased 1998
Julie, Den Haag, Netherlands, February 29 1994 1994 Rineke Dijkstra born 1959 Purchased 1998

Julie (1994) is part of a small photographed portrait series by Rineke Dijkstra. This image was taken just one hour after the model had given birth. Inspired by witnessing a friend giving birth, Dijkstra decided to make these portraits of new mothers, in varied proximity (one hour, one day, one week).

London based photographer Jenny Lewis has also produced a post-childbirth portrait series called One Day Young, capturing mother and baby at home within the first 24 hours of their relationship. The images, taken over the span of five years in East London, present a rich and intimate view of maternal expressions which are otherwise experienced out of public view.

One Day Young by Jenny Lewis , 2015, Hoxton Mini Press, available to buy here.

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Kiki Smith – Banshee Pearls (1991)

Banshee Pearls by Kiki Smith, 1991.
Banshee Pearls by Kiki Smith, 1991. Lithograph with aluminium additions on twelve sheets of handmade Japanese paper.

Prints mimic what we are as humans: we are all the same and yet every one is different. I think there’s a spiritual power in repetition, a devotional quality, like saying rosaries.

Your inheritance as an artist is from the whole world.

– Kiki Smith, Making Metaphors of Art and Bodies by Kimmelman M, New York Times, 1996.

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